As one of Siemens' most innovative dishwashers, the SX736X19ME dishwasher has a range of features to allow for up to 3 times faster dishwashing and drying as well as intelligent usability and perfection in every detail. Not only is this unit smart, it'll also help make your day to day routines less hectic, thanks to its 14 place settings. This generous capacity is perfect for medium-to-large households and allows you to eat together as a family without worrying about the amount of crockery left over.



10% More Space & Added Ergonomics

The SX36X19ME Dishwasher is also an XXL dishwasher. This model takes full advantage of the popular modern high countertops and has been enlarged by 5cm, creating much needed space for larger dishes in the bottom basket. What's more, thanks to the ergonomically optimised installation, you can comfortably load and unload the dishwasher without bending over. 

Adding to the ergonomics, the dishwasher basket is also equipped with special devices at the top. When these are pressed, you will be able to easily adjust the height of the top basket in three stages. In on simple press, loading and unloading will be made much simpler, particularly when you're having to deal with large pots and plates.

The varioDrawer also offers an additional loading level. Thanks to its special design, the varioDrawer will not only provide room for cutlery, but also for ladles and salad servers.


Optimum Features

Also included on the SX36X19ME is a range of handy features.

VarioHinge is one, which will provide the optimal solution for the smallest possible gaps between the front panels of kitchen units, low base dimensions and high countertop levels. As the appliance features varioHinge, the fully integrated front panel will move up slightly when the machine is opened. Therefore, this will do away with any unsightly large gaps left when the dishwasher is installed at a high level. VarioHinge will also stop any collisions with the base and floor pan.

Another feature which comes in handy, especially from a safety aspect, is aquaStop. The aquaStop safety system will prevent any water damage, no matter whether it's from the supply hose, or from a leak in the machine. What's more, Siemens offers a warranty for this safety feature for the life of the dishwasher.

The iQdrive motor, also featured on the SX36X19ME provides lower energy consumption with identical performance, short programme times with optimum results and the machine is always nice and quiet, whatever the programme. What's more, possibly the most advantageous feature of the iQdrive motor, is that it's brushless - meaning that it runs virtually free from wear.



Taking Care of your Glassware

Siemens also has an impressive approach to securing stemmed glassware, such as wine and champagne glasses. Such glassware is known for breaking in even the most technologically advanced dishwashers because by nature they are both delicate and an awkward shape to ensure they're completely washed.

Due to their delicate nature, you're usually left trying to fit glasses into the racks and baskets but more often than not they both don't fit properly and aren't washed properly, leaving you with a set of glasses that are damaged and filled with dishwater and dried-on residue.

Luckily, the SX736X19ME features the Glass 40c cycle. This will allow fine glassware to be cleaned carefully yet thoroughly at low temperatures. Then, this is followed by a drying phase to provide specifically extended and gentle drying. Thanks to this cycle, you will have gleaming glassware that you'll be able to enjoy for a much longer time.

This appliance also features the glassCare system, which consists of glass protection technology, a special gentle programme and a heat exchanger, to help wash your glassware with the greatest care.


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