If you are looking for a state of the art fridge to complete your kitchen, the KI21RAF30G Fridge from Siemens is the perfect choice. This fridge has an ample capacity of 144 litres with an impressive energy efficiency rating of A++. This means that none of your food or energy will be wasted.

This fridge also has flexible options for storage to ensure that you can keep all of your food and drinks chilled. It even comes with a reversible handle that can be opened from the left or right hand side, allowing you to fit the fridge wherever you wish.

Flexible Storage

Having enough room in your fridge is essential in order to keep all of your food fresh and full of flavour. This fridge is built to be flexible enough to meet any of your requirements. The fridge also includes 4 removable safety glass shelves so you can rearrange your fridge space to suit you. It also comes with 3 door trays, including a dairy compartment for keeping your milk fresh. Bright interior LED lights also make it incredibly easy to locate all of your food.


Fresh Food For Longer

Keeping your food fresh is a breeze with the SuperCooling button, enabling you to cool down your fridge to +2 °C in no time! The hyperFresh plus Box also allows you to adjust the humidity level in order to keep your fruit and veg fresh and juicy. This fridge is also fitted with multiAlarm, this lets you know whenever the temperature of your fridge drops. This alarm lets you know with both an audio and a visual signal. This is incredibly useful if you accidentally leave your fridge door open.

Easy to Clean

Keeping your fridge clean is important, spillages can create odours within your fridge. That’s why this fridge comes with safetyGlass shelves that are both shatterproof as well as being incredibly easy to clean. Simply remove the shelves and clean by hand. Any spillage is also contained so that none of this spills to the rest of the fridge.


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