Known for their intelligent design, Siemens has become a global powerhouse, providing outstanding appliances. With this in mind, the WI14W300GB washing machine certainly does not disappoint.

Combining powerful iSensoric technology with iQdrive, this Siemens appliance is guaranteed to have a long service life and provide efficient laundry care.

WaterPerfect Plus

As mentioned above, the WI14W300GB truly makes use of a huge range of smart technology. One of the most impressive features included in this model is WaterPerfect Plus. This clever sensor system of this smart water management system will ensure that your machine is achieving maximum water efficiency. It will detect not only the type of fabric being loaded in but also the size of the load precisely. Depending on these two factors, the appliance will determine how much water is needed to achieve a perfect wash, every wash cycle, with optimum water consumption.



Over time, most conventional motors will become worn, simply because of the mechanical friction created by the carbon brushes in the machine. Impressively, Siemens has designed the WI14W300Gb to have a brushless iQdrive motor, which is virtually free from wear. This motor makes the machines both reliable and durable, meaning it will be able to cope with the busy demands of family life for years to come.


Clean Clothes, Quickly

Also included in this appliance is a huge range of outstanding wash programmes, to help make your life easier.

One impressive programme is quick wash 30. The quick wash 30 programme is designed for small loads of lightly soiled laundry, and it shortens the programme's sequence in the main wash, during rising and spinning. This programme is ideal for athletes who have to wash their sports clothing regularly, even though they are only lightly soiled.


Family Capacity

The WI14W300GB also has an excellent 8kg capacity, which makes it perfect for a medium-sized family home. To make it more understandable, an 8kg washing machine has the capacity to wash 40 t-shirts. This will give you enough space to run standard washes.

Energy Efficiency

Of course, when purchasing a washing machine, you want to make sure it is as efficient as possible. The WI14W300GB washing machine has an outstanding energy efficiency of A+++. This means that your washes will be 20% more efficient, and it will help you keep your electricity bills to a minimum and to lower your carbon footprint.

This model also has an impressive VarioPerfect option too, which can be added to almost any cycle to make it either 30% more energy efficient or 60% faster - depending on your needs.

This appliance definitely has the future in mind, expertly balancing both performance and efficiency.


Smart Progress Tracking

The incredible large LED-Display will allow you to have great ease of use whilst tracking programme progress, ensuring that you will never have any difficulties when ensuring the perfect cycle for your clothes.



The home is truly a family space, and no matter where you store your washing machine, you don't want to interrupting precious family time with loud running noises. The WI14W300GB is an extremely quiet appliance when it is washing and spinning, only producing a maximum of 67dB. That's equal to quiet conversation in a restaurant. This also makes it an ideal choice for open plan living.


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