The Siemens WD14h422GB washer dryer with a 7kg washing capacity, 4kg drying capacity and an excellent A energy rating - this machine is designed to bring speed, convenience and flexibility to your washing routine.

With a huge display and clear operation, you can enjoy the luxury of complete laundry care without needing a lot of space. The WD14H422GB will ensure perfectly clean, gently dried laundry whilst you control the variety of cycles.

What's more, the WD14H422GB also features the innovative iQdrive motor. This allows the washer-dryer to perform quietly, quickly and efficiently, whilst still delivering impressive results. As this motor is also brushless, it will run free from wear. This motor is an excellent addition, making the WD14H422GB a reliable and durable choice, meaning it will be able to keep up with the number of loads you'll wash over the years, especially in a family home!

AirCondensation Technology

Instead of using extra water during the laundry drying process - as many washer-dryers do, this machines will use cold air. This means that there will be zero water consumption during the drying process. This air-dry system has huge potential, to cut your water bills considerably. It has the potential to save up to 40 litres per drying cycle.


WaterPerfect Plus

the WD14H422GB also features the innovative WaterPerfect Plus. The clever sensor system of this smart water management system will ensure that your machine is achieving the highest water efficiency it can achieve.

When you load the clothes into the washer-dryer, the smart WaterPerfect Plus technology will be able to detect the type of fabric that has been loaded in, and also the size of the load, precisely. With the information taken from these two factors, the washer-dryer will work out how much water is needed to achieve a perfect wash. This is then worked out on every cycle, to calculate the optimum water consumption.

Excellent Energy Efficiency

Another impressive feature of the WD14H422GB is that it has an energy efficiency rating of A, making it outstandingly efficient. This machine will only consumer 952 kWh/year for 200 wash and dry cycles.


A Range of Features

The WF14H422GB has an impressive, 12 wash programmes and 2 drying programmes, all to make your life that bit easier.

Included in these feature are the steam, refresh and dry cycles. These will automatically tackle odours and creases to save you time and effort whilst ironing. The steam setting will also kill unwanted bacteria.

This model also has a child lock function, to make sure your whole family is kept safe. This function will lock all the buttons and doors on the machine, other than the power button so that the wash cycle selected cannot be changed.

Another excellent feature is the reload function. This allows you to pause the already running washing machine during the cycle, so you won't have to wait until the next wash to add any missed items and remove any rogue items straight away.


Ensuring that you have the best washer-dryer for your home can be just one piece of the puzzle, espeically when you're also trying to juggle family life. Getting great customer service and delivery options in Rhyl is also essential. Here at First Choice Domestic Appliances, we are proud to provide the Siemens WD14H422GB Washer Dryer, with great customer service and at an excellent price. So, for more information, get in touch today.