We can all agree, smart technology and devices continue to revolutionise how we live and help us achieve better, easier lifestyles. A smart kitchen is built from lots of components - sensors, smart bulbs, appliances, speakers, and other such technology - and connect them all to a hub that helps them to communicate with each other and with you, via your smartphone.


Why Choose a Smart Kitchen?

Your kitchen is more than likely a room full of both productivity and mess! It's a space used for cooking meals, washing up and even, in some cases eating and doing the laundry. Every component of your space contributes to your overall kitchen experience, including cabinets, utensils and appliances. Some may help and some may hinder, yet you can guarantee that adding some intelligence, in the form of smart technology will improve your recipes and speed up your work.

Kitchens can easily become a host to some of the most useful smart home technology - you would be forgiven for believing that all kitchen technology consists of flashy, new appliances, but there's more to it than that.

Smart displays, such as the Amazon Echo or the Google Home can convert measurements for you, set timers for your cooking and even tell you what step of your recipe is next, and smart lights can be an inexpensive way to upgrade the lighting in your kitchen.

Every kitchen will be unique, but when you're creating your own smart kitchen, by choosing the technology that suits you you'll create an ideal space that you benefit from.

Choose a Smart Speaker

Of course, most smart technology is impressive, especially when you think of the likes of smart ovens and faucets, but a smart speaker, such as the Amazon Echo and the Google Home, can be both handy and cheap.

With a smart speaker, you will be able to set multiple named timers to keep track of your food and how long it's been cooking and even convert measurements whilst following a recipe. They can also serve as an intercom if you have multiple speakers throughout your home, so you can easily announce that dinner's ready. What's more, if you're looking to keep yourself entertained whilst you cook, you can listen to music.

A smart speaker is also a great way to speed up your weekly food shopping. Rather than spending hours looking through your kitchen to create a shopping list, your smart speaker will help you make a grocery list as you go. Every time you use up an item, and you'll need to re-buy it, simply tell the speaker to add it to your shopping list.


Smart Lights

Every room can benefit from smart lights in some way. While you may not want coloured bulbs in your kitchen, white smart bulbs or even a smart switch can be handier to have. Having several fixtures in your kitchen all controlled by a smart switch can help make life that bit easier.

Smaller touches of design can include smart LED light strips. If you have cabinets over counters, having smart LED Strips running along the underneath of the cabinets can make an excellent touch of night lighting when you want something a little less bright than your main kitchen lights.

Smart Fridge

A smart fridge is more than just a connected device, as some, have a built-in voice assistant that can play music, order food and much more. Most also have built-in cameras that let you check the contents of your fridge, no matter where you are. No more forgetting important grocery items, which you forget to write down!


Little Extras

You would have thought that the humble coffee machine couldn't be much smarter, yet some machines new on the market will allow you to make cups remotely via your phone or tablet, schedule brewing and even reorder capsules when you need them.

A smart faucet is another extra in your kitchen, you'd never than you need a smart version of, yet a touch-less faucet is excellent for those occasions, just wave your hands in front of the sensor and the water will turn on.

What's more, a voice-enabled faucet will take that convenience one step further. With a smart assistant, you can say things such as "dispense two cups of water" or "turn off" and it'll do so.


Smart kitchen technology is only set to improve. Some appliances may seem a little out of reach now, yet as the field advances, so too will the options available to in the day-to-day kitchen. In time, you'll be working together, with smart devices to cook wonderful new recipes.