As the UK’s fastest-growing appliance maker, CDA are quickly gaining a reputation as a market leader in a wide range of everyday kitchen products. Created with outstanding build quality, with testing at their Nottingham facility and with a modern design, nothing showcases this more than the SK900BL Oven.

Finished in black with distinct red across the handle, as part of their latest Designer Kitchen range, this model is ideal for the modern kitchen. Loaded with features, this pyrolytic oven is modern in function as well as design with plenty to help you achieve consistently perfect results. 

Automatic Cooking Programmes For All Situations

For a brand that is known for combining value with its amazing build quality, CDA has packed in an amazing 37 automatic programmes that make cooking any dish easily. As well as endless ways to cook meals using the handy pre-set functions, this appliance also comes with 20 custom options that mean once you find the perfect settings for your signature dish you can then preserve them for the next time. 

When it comes to cooking in different ways the SK900BL also comes equipped with thirteen cooking functions, versatile and ideal for those looking to create a variety of meals. As well as the traditional functions there are also built-in modes that help you in other ways, like Defrost and Browning as well as an Eco Mode to save energy during regular use. 

When it comes time to cook as well this CDA model also removes any of the waiting around for the oven to get hot, with the Booster function ensuring that the cavity is up to heat and ready to have your food cooked at the desired temperature. 

Creating the easiest way to make weekday meals with the minimum amount of fuss, and once you have finished cooking the SK900BL doesn’t stop helping there. 


Easy To Clean, Easy To Use

Cleaning the oven is often a troublesome chore, CDA make it even easier to keep your’s clean and functioning perfectly with its built-in Pyrolytic cleaning technology, using high levels of heat to turn dirt and grime to ash that can easily be wiped away at the end of the cycle. Safety during this cycle is never compromised, with a built-in door lock that ensures the door cannot be opened throughout that.  

As well as simple cleaning, this oven also helps get your next dish out of the oven with the Minute Minder helping you keep track of everything and ensuring no meal is ever overcooked again. 

Getting the best oven for your kitchen is often challenging, even once you have picked the CDA you still require great customer service and delivery options in Rhyl. At First Choice Domestic Appliances you can get the CDA SK900BL Oven with great service and a guaranteed excellent price, click here for more information.